Hey you!

I'd like to introduce you to a collaborative project we have started here in France. A couple of months ago I was contacted by a recording studio owned by a Pink Floyd enthusiast. He stumbled upon some of my covers on SoundCloud and offered to lead a cover project with me and other musicians. The project consists of covering the whole The Wall original album to the last note, including voice, sound and TV shows FX and including acoustic recordings of real symphonic and harmonic orchestras (no VSTs). The point is not to achieve an incredible performance since the original will always remain better (although we will try our best) but rather to tell the story of the project making as we proceed further, because we already know it will be a rewarding experience. We will upload bits of sound and video recordings at each new step. We already have several musician participants (drums, piano...) but we also need fresh ones.

We started by recording a quick model of Nobody Home (made in my living room in 1/2 day and mixed in another 1/2 day) which you can listen here:


Do not pay to much attention at the result since we used an upright piano instead of a grand, a lousy dynamic mic for the voice and awful VSTs for winds and strings.

Last week we recorded most of the drums (everything except the very last tracks of disc 2 actually). Here is a raw take of the drums on Comfortably Numb (no sound processing).


The video of the drums recording session will be uploaded shortly. We would like your opinions on our project, maybe collaboration propositions if you feel like it, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.