Hey guys, please forgive my ignorance but I have to ask.

I wanna build my first pedal which is a fairly simple circuit, a treble booster. I've heard that it's a good place to start. My question is that I see all these pcb boards online where they have printed the pattern from a laser printer and put it on the board that shows the connections (I guess)....but does one have to do that when building a pedal? A regular perf board with nothing printed on it would work, right? I mean, it's just a matter of connecting the components in the end? So, when people print a pcb that's just used as a map/guideline?

Thanks for any info. I would like to avoid the extra work involved with printing and all that, if possible.
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Perfboard is the kind of circuit board where the copper is divided into a grid, with holes drilled into it for installing components. If you're a beginner and you're only making one pedal, this is a good place to start.

The laser printer thing you described is a process to etch your own circuit boards. Look up "toner transfer PCB", there are plenty of tutorials. That way you can create your own traces on the board, so you have ready-made paths connecting the components. However, it involves more work than you strictly need to make a pedal. You have to design the layout yourself, chemically etch it and drill all the holes.
Here's a board made with the toner transfer method:
Learning to make pcbs is a good skill to have, and makes more complex pedal designs easier to build, however for a simple treble booster I would (and have) just used veroboard, which is similar to perfboard, but the holes are all connected by copper in one direction.

Here is the pedal I built. A few comments down another user posted a link to a veroboard layout diagram for a treble boost pedal, which could help you.
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Thanks MTolly. It is a BM inspired booster I want to build also! Very cool.
Actually, that pedal build from that site is very similar to the one I am looking at, maybe a few resistors are a different, but from what I understand it's the BC239 transistor that "does the trick" so to speak. And it's the same as mine. I might just order everything from there instead of individually from eBay. Hmmm
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