I have a choice between used ibanez RG350DXZ and a new gfr20gsp. The rg is in pretty good condition, almost like new, he's selling me the guitar for 19,000 inr (280$, new costs around 500$ here). I just came to know about the gfr, and I like the fact that it has a fixed bridge considering this will be my first guitar. The gfr costs around 17000 rupees (270$).
I will visit a music shop soon, but I doubt they will have the gfr available, I'll have to order the gfr. I don't know which one to go with.
Also, I intend to buy blackstar id core 20. But I'll finalize only after listening to a bunch of different amps. Any particular models that I should look out for are appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
just watch, floyd rose trems on cheap guitars are often more bother than they're worth.
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What Dave said. The edge III, probably not going to be the most stable trem. I would avoid guitars with trems in that price range honestly.
I concur with Dave and JW.
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I agree with the advice on tremolos. Cheap floating trems are just way more time than they are worth. A vintage style trem like strats have is fine because you can adjust it flush to the body and eliminate most of the tuning issues found with cheap trems.
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