Got a jem 70v

Had it properly setup about 4 months ago.

Just replaced the strings, same gauge 11.

replaced 1 by 1.

Tuned it.
Adjusted the truss rod, looks perfect.
Adjusted intonation, sounds perfect, both open and at 12.
Bridge perfectly level.

If i play single notes, i get buzz on the 12 fret A and D strings.
If i play hard power chords i can get buzz anywhere.

Treble strings are fine.

The action LOOKs perfect, but i guess not with the fret buzz.

Would I just raise the top of the bridge for the bass strings. Should i leave the bottom of the bridge alone? Or do you need to raise both?

Should i not give a shit about the buzz? Is living with fret buzz considered in proper setup.

Trying to get this thing just right. Do some recordings now for school and got reprimanded on my intonation (even though it wasn't that far off to begin with). Thats what lead me down this journey.
Did you use the same brand of strings? Some recommend that.

The buzz on single frets is troubling. That could indicate that some frets need to leveled.

You can try raising the action a bit to see what happens on one side or both since you get buzz everywhere when you do power chords.

Usually fret buzz that isn't heard through the amp is considered acceptable. But it of course depends mostly on you. I take it you're using some alternate tuning? I myself struggle with alternate tunings, thicker strings, and fret buzz and I'm not exactly sure yet what the solution is supposed to be. Sometimes I think there's more to setups than what we are told...
Why did you adjust the truss rod? Shouldn't need to unless you were having issues.
Quote by J_W
Why did you adjust the truss rod? Shouldn't need to unless you were having issues.

I had fret buzz before the the truss rod adustment. These were new strings and it looked like it was bowing more to me than it was before. I just leveled it out a bit. But again, even before the truss adjustment it was buzzing.

Thanks again -

When you set up for really low action you usually get a bit of buzz. If you can hear the buzz coming through the amp then it's a problem, if not most people can live with it. You can always raise the action a bit and see if that helps.