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Song 1
2 20%
Song 2
2 20%
Song 3
4 40%
Song 4
2 20%
Voters: 10.

The objective of this thread is to vote on the song you like the most, but remember: don't base your vote on the quality of the recording, base it on the content.

Here they are:

1 - "In The End" (nico_9550)

2 - "Video" (Trifonas)

3 - "Outline" (SirZep)

4 - "Area of Totality" (Papersparrow)

Here are last week's most voted songs:
From xTURTLENECKx, it's "Broken, Bruised",
and from Papersparrow, it's "Sermon Without A Flock"!

If you too want to become a better songwriter/gigolo consider joining our group (http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/mozartfactory/), all the info you need to join this weekly "contest" is there.

The votes will be counted this Saturday (post your song for next week meanwhile). The winner of this week's voting will be a mod in our group.

No one will read this. Penis.


Check out last week's thread here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33785402
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By the way, and sorry for derailing the thread, who's up for doing some samples?

hmu, I've got nothing to do

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I hate nico's style of playing acoustic because it makes me feel inferior

it's actually embarrassingly easy lol

I think I'll use it for the acoustic album thing
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By the way, and sorry for derailing the thread, who's up for doing some samples?
You ruined everything. I'll check my email tomorrow.
Can we take a moment and appreciate nico's "fuck yeah, I'm awesome" expression in that pic?

Anyway, epic review incoming:
#1: made me think of mark kozelek's guitar playing, really lovely. Overall: bad.
#2: made me think of my guitar playing. Overall: worse
#3: hey m8 this is gr8. Overall: evil
#4: voted for that amazing detuned reverbed guitar part in the outro. Overall: simply awful

That's it for today guys. What should I review next?
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I didn't mean right now, in a few days. The samples, that is. Anyway I'll give the songs a listen today.

I would help, but it's been a few weeks since you first asked and I said yes, and now I don't wanna anymore

jk, I'll help
Cool songs everyone! (thought I should post something now that I remembered to.) Sorry been a bit busy and stuff, also got band things which takes my music time but hopefully will get back into routine... soon.

Anyway I really liked all the songs this week Nice stuff.