Hey guys. I installed a Emg 81 pickup. However when I play it through my Spider iv 15 amp it does nothing. The volume is turned up full and tone as well. I double checked the wiring to the jack and it is fine. The battery is working cause when I use rocksmith volume goes through it but i can't control the volume. I used the one volume one tone and one pickup diagram. But alas...I don't know why the volume won't control and nothing goes through my amp. The amp is fine cause I was using it the day before and it works with my other guitar. Every bit of wiring is fine. I tried different pots as well. Any solution?
Well the Spider IV is your first problem. Lol anyways can you post pictures of all the wiring you did? Another set of eyes could catch something
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are you using 25k pots?
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if you are confident in your soldering make sure the contacts aren't touching the walls of the control cavity , there is probably shielding paint which helps passives reduce hum. What this means is if it touches it will not work properly.

secondly of course have a stereo jack. 25K pots aren't important, it's more the less to do with volume control if i remember right

cold solder joints, loose connections and all come into play if you're new to soldering, we've all been there before.

you can test an 81 without a battery which is the good news, it won't sound as good but you'll at least know if you have signal.

if I was to guess this is either an issue with the wiper (middle contact) going to the input jacks tip (hot lead/ signal in).

here's some active diagrams that I know work. Best of all I mention the beloved 18v mod that makes a regular EMG 81/85/89 to name a few sound awesome like the X series EMG
Thanks for the replys. However the pickups are solderless. They involve no soldering. Either way, I've already decided to send it back and exchange it for a Seymour Duncan black winter. Thanks anyway.
You really shouldn't be wasting money on top of the range pickups when you have a Line 6 Spider, get your money back if you can and put it towards a new amp.

Anything but an old Marshal MG is better than a Spider, especially for metal.
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