A few months ago I posted some information about my music game project. Time for some updates!

The first thing is a random music note training feature. Something like "more fun flashcrads". I did a promo video for that:

To have an idea how to the game looks like. Here is are some gifs

and another one

I also added an option to promote your original music. You can send me some midis or a GP file. The game has way over 10 000 downloads, so there are more than 20 000 ears that listen.

You can test it for free on android and iOS:
- Android: Google Play Link
- iOS: Apple App Store Link

Any feedback (good or bad) is appreciated!
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cool app man

you can use any of my rock/blues music if you want. Soundcloud link in sig.
hell, i'll even record some piano later on and send you notation sheet
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Yeah sure, here's a bunch of my stuff.

Just put it under EpiExplorer/Joe Bloggz.

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hven't used it in a while, but i'll check out the updates later on
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I tried a few games and have a few comments and suggestions:

- the lack of enharmonics really bothers me. Under an F chord in C major, the chorus-ish part of Pachelbel's Canon, the accidental should have been a Bb, not A#.
- the sound quality is pretty darn awesome, as is the graphic layout.
- it's pretty intuitive, and definitely enough time is given before the song begins.

- movable keyboard, so that I'm not stuck with the same grouping of keys. As a principal pianist, it bothered me more that I had to go up from C to a B that played below said C.
- recolor punch zone. I wasn't sure when was too early, so I got damaged a few times.
- write the key for each song. Canon in C major, Moonlight in E minor, those were the ones I tried. It gives a better context for a learner to see these notes, even with the Neapolitan action in Moonlight Sonata.
- adapt note names to the key.
- recolor ledger lines. There are only 5 lines on any staff in modern music... The others are ledgers.
- clarify staff. Bass has certain notes, treble has other notes, and alto goes its own way.
- as stated before, timing, possibly in the form of a time signature and bar lines.

Good work ^^
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I tried a few games and have a few comments and suggestions:

Thanks for the amazing suggestions!

I think I will try to fix this one first:
"recolor punch zone. I wasn't sure when was too early, so I got damaged a few times."