After changing the strings, every time I fret a chord or any notes on high E string, it's out of tune. I retune or check the open strings and they're fine, in tune. Once I fret, it's out. I've verified the tuning with a snark. Very reliable tuner.

It's been a while since I've done a set up on it maybe it's due, I don't know.

Any thoughts?
Intonation? Play a harmonic on the twelfth fret. Then play the fretted note on the twelfth fret. If the two notes are out of tune with each other, you have an intonation issue, which means that the length of the string is slightly screwed. What kind of a bridge do you have? Intonation is a relatively simple thing to fix on a fixed bridge, but if you have a locking trem it's going to be damn annoying to setup.
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What he ^ said. I'd use this as an opportunity to learn how to properly set up a guitar yourself as it'll save you time, money and headaches later on.
Probably an intonation problem, you can also fret too hard and cause notes to go sharp anywhere on the neck. That said, I'm leaning toward intonation. Check it with the tuner, open and octave. Both should be in tune.
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Oh, I hate when that happens on some guitars I have borrowed from friends and tried to tune up. Their notes and frets don't stick tuning for VERY long, just long enough for maybe one song and that is it. I have to keep reminding them to make sure every part of the guitar is at least in some bit of order.
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After changing the strings, every time I fret a chord or any notes on high E string, it's out of tune.

Several possibilities.
If you changed the gauge of the strings, you may need to adjust the neck slightly.
Same thing if you changed the *brand* or the type of strings.
Same deal if you had really old strings on the guitar before you changed them out.

You may have a high fret somewhere on the E string (is there ANY fret where the E string is in tune?). Do you have enough wraps on your E string to prevent slippage on the tuner (or did you make sure to lock it down if it's a locking tuner)? Did you stretch out the strings a bit before beginning to play? Is the E string catching in the nut?
My guitar is well maintained and I change my strings regularly, every 2-3 weeks. I use the same brand and gauge consistently. I feel like I noticed it as I was putting the last set on. Bridge is fixed. I don't use the tremolo but it has option for one. Typically the guitar stays in tune very well. I have quick locks on it, so it doesn't require a lot of wraps around the post. I would like to learn to do it myself, just not sure how to start that process. I usually take it to a tech at Sam ash, but he left and there's some new guy there I don't know.
So you tune it, then when you play a note, the high E sounds out of tune? When you check your tuning again, is it actually out of tune, or just sounds like it when you fret a note on it??

The only thing that I can think to tell you, is to check the intonation, and lube the nut slot. Its possible that the nut could be dry, so after its tuned, it slips out of tune when you fret a the string. You could use a lubricant like big bends nut sauce, or graphite from a pencil led will also work ( a little messier).
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It's the intonation. I read up a bit and checked the tuning. I found a YouTube video that explained a lot.

Thanks for the suggestions. Easier and cheaper than the tech.
i don't recommend setting intonation with a snark.

you are better off with another tuner, whether it be a pedal or a chromatic tuner that you can plug into.

and yes, this was based on experience and not bullshit.