Hi im new to electric guitar and i have some troubles playing the day that never comes

How am i suppose to play this part;


Should i try hybridpicking or should i just strike D string with G and A ?

Also im new to this forum i might have posted this to wrong place
If I understand your question correctly then the answer would be to let your index finger lightly rest on the A string while you strum through the 6th and 4th strings; mute it. Same applies to when you strum the A and G strings; mute the D string by letting your index finger lightly touch the D string. Of course in that particular song you are maintaining the shape as you slide.
When you have your index finger on the frets of the A/E string, let it rest of the string below and then just pick all three strings and it should mute the middle string and sound good.
The way I learned to play octaves was (for lets say the A5-A7, G7-G9), was mute the E with the top of my index finger (while keeping the finger on the A7), raise my mid finger to also mute the E string, ring finger on the G7, the lower part of my ring finger and my pinky to mute the B and e

then just slide from 5-7 and 7-9

(Before someone tells me my way is wrong, I learned via Youtube.)