I am a bedroom musician who's having a bit of a problem finding the right drum samples to use. Every drum sample pack I find has weak-sounding toms. I don't really want to buy a sample pack (cheap, I know), so if any of you could help me find a few thick tom sounds, I'd be extremely grateful. The first few seconds of this song has exactly what I'm looking for, in case you were wondering what I mean:


Any help finding samples or packs is appreciated!
the address isn't loading for me so I can't hear what you are wanting.

I will say that with toms it's the same first impression I had - even with pricey professional samples. I felt the toms lacked the power I expected. They all just sounded hollow and weak lacking body and power.

However what I found was that you think you want these big thick drums with power and punch but even if you found some once you try to put those big thick toms in the mix you find that you have to EQ and engineer the shit out of them to take up a lot less frequency range and if you solo the end result those same sounds thinner on their own while still quite powerful in the mix.

Even in a full solo drum track a tom that sounds empty or weak actually sounds really good in contrast and in context with the bass snare and cymbals etc.

Although I haven't heard the link I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that if it's from a polished audio track then a lot of the perceived power of those toms probably comes from how they have been engineered and how they sit in the mix.
Thanks! I suppose I could just go with what I have and worry about it when I get there. I would still like to try out some fat toms for what I'd like to do, though, but I'll certainly keep what you said in mind.
My connection seems to be happier today and I got to listen to the linked song. Those drums have been compressed to hell and back there's all sorts of other stuff going on too that plays a big part in making them sound the way they do.
Another trick to make them bigger and more powerful would be to stack them. So if you had two or three different samples of a tom and you thought they were all pretty weak on their own you might try having all three hitting at the same time. Route all three tracks output to an aux and you can use the faders or inserts on each individual tom to determine how much that particular sample colours the final sound. Then you can use effects, EQ, compression or whatever on the final aux track to affect the combined sound and use that fader to determine how it will sit in the mix.

You can do all sorts of things. Cutting and boosting various EQ can thicken the sound. Adding a touch of distortion can give some edge or grit to the drums. Reverb can make them sound bigger and further away. Even putting them through a guitar amp simulator can produce interesting results.

Definitely worth experimenting. I might move this to the drum forum (it could equally go in the recording forum). I probably should have moved it to the drum forum straight away. Maybe someone there knows of some good powerful free tom samples.