I recently acquired a Randall RH100 head (Not the SG2) that came with a bunch of other gear I bought at a sale. It seems to work fine, but did not come with a footswitch. I tried looking online for the manual or any other info to find out what kind of switch it takes. It seems to me it should be at least a 3 position (reverb, channel select & boost) but I can't find any info anywhere on what kind of switch and cable (stereo or mono) that it needs. Are there any RH100 owners out there (or anyone!) than can help me out? Thanks!

Anytime you are getting yourself a new a amp that has been discontinued and you can t find a footswitch anywhere. Just take a wire an connect the pins to see what they do, this is practically harmless for your amplifier and then you can make your own footswitch. Because really, a footswitch is nothing more then a box with wires, you can make one in a day with an empty fish can, 4 wires an some switches.