I'm new here, and I think I should introduce myself, so here I am.

I'm from Spain, and I've been playing the guitar for more than a year, learning by myself.
I think I'm doing it good but not enough, but I already expected this, it's the price to pay when you teach yourself (I think)

So I've been using this site a long time ago, I think I use the tabs from here the 90% times I play a song that I cannot play by ear.

And now I wanna improve my skills, know more things, that stuff, that's why I decided to register here.

Anyway, hope I could help too one day.

By the way, if there's any Megadeth fan, I was looking for a "Conquer Or Die" Tab (new album) the acoustic part. Just saying because I don't know when I will be able to ask for it in a new theme.