Hi guys,
How can I improve my singing voice so that I could get decent enough at it? I don't plan on being amazing just enough that I be comfortable buskin or playing pubs? Ive been tod just to keep playing with my acoustic and the more I sing the better ill get?

any help and id be delighted, thanks guys.
I would do a few things.
First off, and I know no one wants to do this, but practice scales at home (and when warming up) take the lowest note you can comfortably sing on the guitar then move up a semi-tone each time for the next scale. This will determine your current range (as you practice this will get bigger pretty quickly - even Ozzy does this
Secondly look at your set and make sure that the key you sing your songs in are all within your range - if not transpose by capo or change chords if staying in open tuning
Finally start simple, so choose a song which you know won't 'stretch' your voice and one which is simple on the guitar - I use America's horse with no name using two chords, this way you will have a solid start, you voice will get warmed up to increase it's tone, quality and range and importantly you will gain confidence that you can deliver the performance.
Oh yes - even if you love the song, if your voice can't hack it or it's too complex then leave alone until you have the range/skills to do it credit - we can't all sing Kashmir (I know I can't), drink only water on stage, it may look cool swigging from a bottle of JD but it won't help your voice, or anything else for that matter
Practice a lot.

Train your ear.

Learn proper technique.

Record yourself so you know you're actually improving and not just deluded.

Documenting your progress is a good way to encourage practice/growth down the line.