Sounds right on point with the song. Keep up the very good work. That solo work is awesome ^.^ best solo work I can do is not so technical, unfortunately
As primarily a rhythm guitarist, the backings are my bread and butter. But definitely will continue to try the lead guitar work too.
If you ask me we should do away with the whole 'rhythm' and 'lead' guitarist way of thinking and just call ourselves guitarists. I think it stifles creation and progress.
Fair enough, fair enough. I still go with it because for the most part, one guitar controls with the bass and chords a lot more and one does the solos a lot more, though yes, they alternate quite a bit. ...maybe a selective doing away with the labels?
Doubt folks would easily give up the labels when it's been essentially indoctrinated in guitar for a very long time now, but who knows? It might happen