soy milk is okay. it is kind of like the milk you drink after you eat your cereal in the morning or afternoon or night i won't judge and you have the milk left but a bit less sweet. that is if you get sugar put in the soy milk. i drank it tonight because i just came back from a workout and did not want to load up on a lot of sugar or fat and we had soy milk in the fridge for whatever reason. yeah i work out now.

also inexperience within a volunteer field has started to frustrate me a bit. like of course i cannot expect people to perform professionally but often i feel like people are not wanting to improve at all and it is evident because they are not. this is a really broad statement so i will not give specific events but recent things are knowing basics about your amp and guitar, and knowing sound design concepts. so i have been trying to get those volunteers around me to know how to and to self-improve. now inexperience in a paid field is a different matter.

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I've long said that soy milk is amazing. I eat meat and all that, I just prefer soy milk. Feel a lot less gross after drinking it (as in it's not so heavy you hate yourself), doesn't fuck up my skin, and comes in a variety of flavors despite not being TOO sweet.

Soy milk is superior to cow milk. It's just tastier.
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I'm gonna try almond milk soon. It's got very few calories so it oughta assist wrapping up my cutting cycle. I'll post an in-depth review soon.
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I only like chocolate flavored almond milk

I like all things soy but most brands of soy milk taste weird to me and I can't find the brands I like here