I've been using my Yamaha THR10X since a while with no obvious problems but when I recently decided to try it out as a guitar interface, connecting it to my computer through the USB port in order to use with Logic Pro X and Positive Grid BIAS Plug-in, I noticed that the signal from my guitar is so low that I can't achieve any decent sound - no matter if we are talking about distortion or clean. Same goes for any other popular apps of this kind, such as Guitar Rig 5.

I have a Mayones Setius GTM 6 with Seymour Duncan SH-2 Jazz (neck) + TB-4 JB (bridge).

Computer I am talking about is a MacBook Pro mid-2012, working on OS X 10.11.3 with the most recent Yamaha Steinberg USB Drivers installed - 1.9.7.

I have also tried it on Windows 10 - nothing changed.

Do you guys have any idea what might be the issue here? I'm kinda new to this kind of stuff and I'm wondering if I am not doing something wrong.

I should mention that I have some other problems with this amp after connecting it to the computer - firstly there were audio drop-outs (fixed in the newest update) but on the OS X I'm still experiencing some issues. Randomly the input level seems to get lower, just to come back to the perfect level out of nowhere some time later.

I used to have the same low input issue in case of Line 6 POD UX2, so I sold it hoping to get rid of the problem but here it comes again... ^^"

Any help would be very appreciated and if you need any more details - please tell me.
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