I recently bought an Ibanez RG 370 MH here in Australia and was told it is very rare. It is a mahogany body (MH) and apparently not many of these were made. The serial No. is: C01103013 that indicates that it was made at the Cort factory in Korea in October 2001 and it is production number 3013. It has a Lo-TRS II trem. I haven't been able to find anything else about this guitar online, any help or sugesstions would be greatly appreciated.
what do you want to know about it? odds are it's a fairly standard intermediate Korean-made RG model. EDIT: that sounded a bit passive-aggressive and accusatory, sorry I didn't mean it to be, it was a genuine question if there's anything specific you want to know.
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Most Ibanez RGs are Basswood even the expensive prestige models (no way do I consider this to be an insult) so the mahogany would be the only rare thing about it, I have an XPT700 Xiphos that is neck thru maple with mahogany wings.
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rare is different from rare and desirable. uncommon would probably be more accurate.

you have the guitar in your hands. you have the serial number rundown. i dont know what you are looking for.