Hi Forum

i am very new to guitar learning and i have zero guitar/music experience.

i have one F310 Acoustic Guitar.

please help me to start learn guitar and give me suggestions about daily practice time?Method.

Ok so here's the deal. When you first start, you need to get your hands sort of conditioned to the instrument. It will feel foreign but don't give up. I'd say get you a complete begginer's book or look up chord charts and start focusing on trying to get your fingers to match with the pictures. This will be very hard at first. Learn 2-3 chords and practice them until your fingers hurt. I would recommend Learning open D chord. Open A chord. Open E chord. Just look up videos on how the fingering for those chords work. Good luck and remember - you're not gonna be Eddie Van Halen anytime soon. This is a hobby that requires years to perfect. But i promise you this (Been playing 9 years on and off) Once you get to a level where you are pretty good, you get a sense of pride and enjoyment that (me personally) you can't get from anything else. There are days that i spend 10 hours just jamming by myself - And it is fun as hell.
HI tal52

Thanks for the inspiring suggestions.

actually i an Indian staying in Kuwait. Here music schooling is very expensive and not much schools.

i have joined with one music teacher he is playing/teaching from last 35 years. He is always saying he learned guitar his own.Initially he was teaching me alone and i felt he was ok. After that another student joined and he was learning guitar from last one year.

Then my teacher was doing combined class and other student knows little bit and he can able to switch between chords easily. Now my teacher is comparing new student with mine and always saying to me like " you are going down everyday ". I don't know what to do with that demotivating class.

teacher gave all the chords including scales and he is telling every day to memorize all the scales. I cannot able to switch between chords easily and he is playing everyday speed song and ask me to follow that.

is that the right way of teaching? he is not saying anything about strumming, bars...etc

i am watching some youtube videos and practicing everyday at home nearly 30 minutes.

please suggest.