Having problems getting the full version D/F# to ring out quickly after the G.

So I just do the easy one lol...DOES matter. I've never got it like I change around A5 chords all the time 022 vs 577...not sure it matters but apprently it kinda done because one is slightly higher or something?


G D/F#
Ultimately, yiour choice. But to imrpove on guitar, you want to tackle such problems head on.

Here, focus on each finger involved in the change from G to D/F# ... very slowly, and test if each string rings as you want.

Get good at what you're bad at.
learn some open voiced triads..they are not that hard to learn and will add lots to your knowledge of chords in general and generate more harmonic and melodic ideas..the Outro is a classic descending bassline..the voices are most effective with the F# on the low E string (second fret) then the Emin..now I would play an open D chord at the 10th fret to close the progression..look up open voiced chords for some of the fingerings for the D chord..there are quite a few..try them out..
play well