So I couldn't edit the title of the last thread to show the update, apologies for the double post!

Now have a breakdown section, a solo section, and an outro for the song. Still a demo pre-band work through. Leaving the lead guitar licks and solo to my guitarist since it's not my job :P


The new acoustic section with light 'singing' vocals takes me out of my comfort zone a bit which is fun.
I like the interlude at 2:50 - 3:20 I think it flows nicely and builds up perfectly back into the song.

4:10 I like how the vocals are in the background now but could use just some slightly more elevated volume.

I like the new additions, get your guitarist to record that solo! It's shaping up to be a kick ass song. I mean it sounds a little mainstream but not enough to make you sound formulated, I think there are more unique things going on in this song than most people can do. The fact that you do what you do well is good enough. Like I said before I think it would make for a great live song.
Thanks man Was worried the interlude section would be a bit too dramatic in shift.

As for it being mainstream, it's going to be like our 'Sweet Child O' Mine' track for the EP/Album. Little bit more mainstream away from the usual stuff we do. Our other songs are more mixes of hardcore punk, death n roll, and various other metal.

Can't wait to get this first EP recorded properly in the studio although it will likely be the end of this year that it's done. Trying to get it ready in time for a tour we're supporting in August :/
Cheers guys and sorry for the delayed response! I thought this thread had dried up! Left comments on your threads.

Something I (and my band) are trying to avoid is me or the band sounding too much like Motorhead since we have no intention in cloning them (despite how legendary they were!). A difficult task when my voice has similarities to Lemmy! I'm happy with it sounding like a more modern version however.

Thanks again!