Hey everyone!

We have a new single and it would be nice to hear what you are thinking about it?
It's not to polished but no to shabby.

If I had to shelve it I would put it somewhere between 90's emo, alternative rock and a little bit of punk.

Thanks for listening!


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Awh man, you're taking me back to my teens with this track!

When I was in high school, pop punk, emo, and screamo, was a big thing in Leicestershire. Back when we had scene kids hanging around the clock tower. The first proper gig I went to was one put on by the school bands at the local leisure centre and was subsequently what led me to wanting to start forming bands and making music. There were two bands in particular on the scene which this reminds me of, Switch NX, and Chief Libido.

You've definitely managed to capture the sound with a great track for this genre of music and without impersonating Tom Delonge's accent. The fact it screams nostalgia to me is highly indicative of this and you deserve kudos. It also reminds me that emotional scars don't fade, they grow you as a person.

Anyway, I'm going Davy Jones again and going to place my heart back in a treasure chest where it belongs before I start learning how to feel once more. Fack that shiit!

If you're into heavier music at all, feel free to check out my latest song (demo in the making): https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33799577#post33799577
Thank you very much! It means a lot to me that our music evokes memories of someone's past. This sentence sums up why I love to make music.

Will defenitly check your stuff out and as I am writting this I am listening to chief libido!

Thanks again!
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