Hey guys!

As a total tech noob who's starting to spend more time on the road these days I think its about time I actually spent some time getting to grips with my tech. I'd appreciate the wisdom of you guys if someone wouldn't mind!

Currently own:

Korg PitchBlack Tuner Pedal
A really cheap bass distortion pedal - I don't even know what brand it is
Fender P-Bass Deluxe Special (Active with jazz pickup) - Use Ernie Ball Power Slinkys
Orange Bass Terror amp head

At the moment I'm using 9V batteries to power the pedals which I'm absolutely sick of, so planning on picking up a Belcat PST-10 power unit and getting myself a board set up.

Ideally in the very near future I'm also looking at picking up a Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI. I've used a friends before and loved it. I've heard they kinda scoop your mid volumes but using an active bass I can just push more from the guitar to counter this - am I right?

Once I've got all my gear in place I'm guessing the best set up for my board would be:

Guitar -> SansAmp -> Tuner -> Distortion Pedal

Does this sound right or should I swap the tuner and SansAmp around?

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated and I'd love to hear from anyone that uses any of the same gear! Thanks guys
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Place the Sans Amp at the end of the chain
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start with your tuner, then your distortion, followed by the sans amp, you will want to put at the end of the chain.. if you want to change your dirt tone.. i would recommend the bass di+ from mxr bass innovations. best bass distortion i have ever heard