I'm not sure if this is the right forum on UG for this question but it was the best I could find so it'll have to do. To make a really long story short, in addition to my guitar I also like to play around with VST synthesizers (my program of choice is LMMS). Instead of going out and spending money on a MIDI controller, I had an interesting idea and wanted to see if anybody out there has any ideas about how to make it work. What I'm thinking is, is there a way to use a tablet as a MIDI controller? The tablet in question is not an iPad or an Android tablet (I saw plenty of sites with instructions on using those as MIDI controllers with a quick Google search), but a tablet computer. Specifically, it's an ASUS Transformer T-100 running Windows 10. That said, do any of you recording enthusiasts out there have any ideas? I know this site is more guitar-centered, but having used it for years I thought UG would be a good place to start.

As far as I know you can use it as a second monitor but that'll probably laggy for this. AFAIK I haven't run across anything that will let you use it as midi controller, unless maybe you try some networking protocol syncing software. I think Reason had something that did that but when I tried it it was lagging in time and wouldn't sync well with my projects.
I remember reading somewhere that you can use some protocols to run a second PC as effects processors, unloading the hit on your CPU but again I don't remember the apps.