Hey UG! A friend of mine offered me this guitar - it looks so killer! The one in black with yellow stripes, but im not sure what it's worth? Around $1,400 new? It's in great condition.

Any of you have any experiences with this guitar or may know what this is worth?

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where are you located?

i hate selling/buying from friends.

good luck.

the best thing to do would be to show him postings on reverb, GC used, and CL and ask for a price based on that.
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I have an older variant of this, different pickup (still passive) - surprised to see it sold in the states however as mine came from ebay japan.

It's a so-so guitar, it's probably more aimed at serious COB fans than someone looking for a specific instrument as there are better jackson-style V's with better hardware available.

What you will need to bear in mind is that there are multiple variants of this made for different markets and they're all different. Now this is going back quite a few years but if i remember, there is;

- the legit ESP signature model, same as Alexi played a while back, certificate of authenticity etc
- the ESP Alexi 200/600 (i think) signature models which are actually a different shape, i cannot find them online anymore so probably discontinued
- the ESP LTD Alexi, which at the time was only available in Japan and was kind of in the middle quality wise (which i have), which i think now has replaced the original 200/600 series

As for price, i paid a total of around $950 (converted to pounds) to ship it over from Japan, this was in 2007, it's probably worth around $5-600 used if it's in good condition. Bear in mind signature guitars are harder to shift if you want to sell it on as not only do you need to find a buyer, you need one who likes said band/guitarist