I have a few more q's about the set up:

When I adjust the saddle for intonation say on the B or G string, (American Standard Tremelo) the saddle next to it seems to move just slightly, throwing off the previous string I just set. How much gap should there be between saddles? How do I create a gap - they seem snug.

any advise on lubricating the Bone Nut properly? After watching a few videos on set up and string change, many have different opinions on what to use and some didn't at all.

Also, guitar honey on the rosewood? Is that something I should be doing too?

Lastly - scale length. After correcting my intonation, I see that my low E string cannot be adjusted any further, but it could use a bit more. I didn't see too much on this. One particular video was heading that way but the end of his explanation was edited out. There was something about an addition adjustment for the gauge of the high 3 strings, G, B and E. Can someone elaborate on this ?


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