PLEASE NOTE; If you have Tux Guitar please listen to the MIDI file, there are instrument patch changes on the same tracks throughout which will not work otherwise.

Hey peeps.

I haven't really posted in here for a long time, the place died down and I've been through some shit in my personal life that has drained the energy and inspiration from me like nothing else.

This song is pretty melodic in some parts, I think I've been wanting to have a bit more melody and interesting harmonies and phrasings than before so I played around with that for the first parts of this piece.

I still haven't really finished anything new but I just wanted to post a big chunk of the latest thing I've been working on. I sort of need outside input, negative, positive, indifferent, whatever, just honest input and suggestions, because I'm in a place where I can't really listen to my stuff and enjoy it anymore, so if anyone wants to give it a listen and share your thoughts, I'd gladly check out whatever of yours you have to show if you want some feedback on that too.

C4C as always, hope all you guys are doing good, too.
A Contemporary Dance of Passions Unheard.zip
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Glad to see you're back. Coincidentally, I was actually thinking about a few of your old pieces a few days ago. I always did enjoy your work.

Lastly, I feel you about the personal shit. At times life could be an emotional rollercoaster. I sincerely hope that things get better for you.
1st Movement

Overall, I really like it. It's chill. Bar 5 gives a cool effect that bars 1-4 were a false-start (if that was your intention). The turnaround at bar 9 was haunting--just enough tension to create interest for the repeat. I'm not sure if bar 14 is necessary given bar 5, but I could be misinterpreting your intentions. The ending at bar 18 is both jarring and badass.

2nd Movement

This part is sexy as hell.

I just love the riff and implied progression. The gradual fade in of overdriven guitars was A1. The whole goddamn thing is amazing.

3rd Movement

Utter mayhem, but it flows nicely from the previous movement. The jazz guitar at 74 was cool, and seemed to fit really well.

Really not sure

A continuation of the 3rd movement, but it somehow managed to turn a little bit more sinister. I like the harmonized riffs from 93 on. I won't comment on the early transition, because you intend to change it up anyway. The riffs after the transition are top-notch though. I'm just wondering how the song will end, as the last section you have is still a WIP.


I'd appreciate if you could take a look at my latest song "Recovery." I just put an edit up to clean things up a bit.
wow this is really something! its hard to describe this because its like nothing ive ever heard before. i really like it!

the opening was lovely. jazzy and pretty, yet pseudo-chaotic and certainly builds up tension. it took me a while to realize the guitars were supposed to change to distortion though haha

the riffs are all over the place and really blend melody with dissonance very well. you should be more sure about the "really not sure" part, because it grooves hard. however im not particularly fond of the part from 92-103. after that nice groove i just mentioned, this part seems pretty minimalistic and doesnt feel like it adds much to the song

everything afterwards is pretty good. it doesnt thrill me as much as the first part(s), but its good

this song must be a bitch to play haha i couldnt even imagine trying to get my clumsy fingers to traverse the fretboard this much. but overall pretty solid work bro
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Haha, I would've never guessed by the intro that this was a JazzDeath song. Totally different mood than your usual stuff. I like this a lot.

Wow, the distorted part of the Second Movement was so damn catchy (particularly 28-30). Overall, it still seems more toned-down than your previous pieces, which I actually really like - I don't have to go back and re-listen to stuff to make sense of it (although this was never a HUGE problem in your other stuff). It's a lot more accessible while still remaining technical.

Really not sure is a great continuation of the third movement. I'd love to see those bends in 92 come back, though. The rhythmic stuff going on in 96-97 is kind of amazing. I wonder if the transition into 99 is too quick, like you didn't explore the previous ideas enough before going into that? Might sound better once you change up the "early transition" thing.

The WIP doesn't appeal to me as much as the previous bits. might be because it's a WIP, but something about it feels generic.

I look forward to seeing the finished product wanna take a look at my latest thing? I wanna see if I've improved in your eyes since Ouroboros

Your melodies are one of a kind, man. I really hope you can soon come to enjoy your work again, because despite what you may feel in this moment, or even many coming moments (not to invalidate those feelings in anyway, at all), you have talent, and there is something tangibly inventive and unique in your writing.

Very smooth, sexy intro. The drums groove well. I love the licks introduced in the middle of measure 4. I'm not quite into the lazy, dragging feel that the longer brushes imply in measure 6, but that's a nitpick. The four eighths at the end of measure 9 are filthy in the best way. The intro riff for Movement 2 is excellent. The jazzy note choice here is spot on. Love the tom work in the drums. That riff that starts at 30-43 has some of the best pedal point/string skip riffing I've heard. Loved measures 60-61. Just really catchy, especially in Track 2 on measure 60.

You pile on all sorts of tasty licks with track 5 in movement 3. I can't even handle it, especially 71-75. Also, I dig the tasteful variance in the drums going on under all of that. Those triplet chugs that start towards the end of 96 and continue on into 98 are positively thuggin' (a good thing to be certain). The rhythms in the riff at 99 really get me. I actually think the transition at 102 is fine, but I can understand not being satisfied when you feel like something better is just outside of your ear for the moment. I think I would exchange that single ride bell at 104 with a jazzy snare-based fill? My own personal tastes, of course.

116 on is really insane riffage. I think the piece really settles into a distinct mentally ill mood here, which I love. I think the 7/16 measures are a sweet touch. As for where to go next, I don't think the piece needs to go much longer. Maybe another minute and a half to two minutes. I'd say take a moment to drop into a slightly slower groove (maybe 20-30bpm slower?) and write a nice solo over that groove before taking it home with a closing section.

I hope to hear the finished piece in the near future and I hope life has better things in store for you in the near future, as well. Also, here's that fill I was talking about adding.
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