Jimi is excessively more and more tricky to cover because of how funky and random he would play on a lot of things. Good job on trying to invoke his spirit for this cover
Sounds pretty cool. The intro wah scratches are a bit off time as well as the pitch on some of the notes on the intro. IMO you're doing so much vibrato that you're pretty much bending it another pitch and it's sounding more off than it should.

With Hendrix, less is more. In distortion, phrasing etc... Try to back off the gain a tad and maybe add some space (as in don't play as many notes) to some of your licks. That'll help with the vibe a bit more and get it more in line with Voodoo Child and less in line with you just randomly soloing as fast as you can over it.

Although, this video is 5 years old so you probably know that by now...
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Yes, many people say that Hendrix is an easy guitarist to play but they're wrong. Although this video is 5 years old and was one take, just imrovising on a backing track.
Hendrix? Easy? Did they even THINK of his solos? ...or the fact he did some of them with reversed strings on a left-hander guitar and some of them on a regular lefty guitar? That the main reason Hendrix covers still can't get a lot of his flair going is because he had to make due with creating distortion manually and for the first times in music history? (Am I asking too many questions and also getting too into this convo? xD) Point is, NO ONE will ever get it majorly right because he was the only one who could do his songs best (obvious x3). That being said, for a 5 year old video, it was nice work
For watching my first video, you played much better than I expected. Yea so Jimmi sounds different so what. You play how you know and get better.

Hendrix was great but in the end he's still a human. The way I see it there's technique and then there's the soul, the feal... or better described as the voice of the players musical language as influenced by his greatest days of glory and his lowest state of existence, effected by a drastic life event or the cards dealt in his hand. Guitars can speak but without the soul it only produces the robotic sounds of its steel strings.
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