Hey Everyone

I think this is a 3 Way import switch:

If it is, i need someone to tell me how it lines up with this diagram here from SD:

I believe that is a 3(or maybe 5) way blade switch made in a American Made Stratocaster. I have no knowledge of how that works.

If anyone could point to me how it works with MY switch. Thatd be great!

a basic 7 contact import

top to bottom

pole #1

0 - common , activates the switch , since your switch has 7 contacts you have one common instead of 2 , for basic to intermediate wiring this is fantastic.

pole 2

what do I mean by poles? technically on say an Ibanez RG which is a fantastic example, a guitar everyone has at least played. Basic volume/tone , 3 pickups , 5 way , you can wire one pole and the common to activate the switch and that is it; yet more complex wirings you can really utilize the 2nd pole , say for example on a strat how you get tone controls here or there and not there. Makes sense right?

this will help you
1/3 bridge pickup - pole 1
0 - activate it with the left lug on the volume pot
3/5 - neck pickup - pole 2

or more into it , keep , share and save this
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Brownie points to you bro thanksss.

P.s: Not sure.if it changes anything. But it has 8 contacts in total. Or am I wrong about counting that lol
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i love how i added brownie points to my photo

ok so 8 contacts you've got two positions called commons (the number 0)
solder both of them like in the first photo and you're fine

the pattern in a majority of switches is
1350 - 0135
just on some cheaper switches it's
135 - 0 - 135
the difference is the 8 contact one has two commons , one for each half of the switch, the 7 contact one only has one common which makes life easier.

makes sense right? just follow my first diagram I crudely drew in photoshop about 3 months ago
Thanks man. So i left all the wires on there and unsoldered them from the pots and such. Can i just connect the wire (they are on the correct contacts) to the bridge and neck pickup and so on. Then just solder it all to the back of the pot? Thats how my guitar came when it had the stock pups installed.

Oh also, you could just finish drawing this amazing diagram i made xD:
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yeah everything wired the same way, if you are using 4 wire pickups make sure you got the right color code.

do you want 2 volume and a 5 way? or do you want 1 volume 1 tone? there is about 4 alternatives to the tone knob people disregard

photobucket has been down all day so I'll find a way to post the photo when I wake up. I need to make a facebook page or something how unreliable photobucket has been the last few weeks.
2 volumes, two pickups. I play metal, so i dont really adjust the tone much. But yeah when you get the chance, just download the photo and draw some lines to the lugs and pots to tell me where to put what wire.
this works best for me, i have used seymour duncan diagrams for a while and it seems like a lot of work until people realize i copy and paste everything.

so with this no two wires are soldered together in the main wiring, if they look like they are touching they are just over lapping.
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This will be my very first pickup instillation. Going with a Invader. Not so confident in soldering so im gonna get my father to help me out. Plus my shaky hands dont help.

I appreciate all you've done. Ill send you a message and let you know how it turned out ^.^
if you need any tips send me a private message, my biggest tip is to solder all the wires to the backs of the volume knobs flat , never like antennas on cars.

some tips for soldering and all, i got really shaky hands from all the caffeine i drink but really if you can grasp all this you'll be a pro in no time. I do custom wirings as a hobby on ebay, i dont promote it here as I'd rather help people.

so of course wait a few minutes for it to heat up
apply some solder to the tip
drag it across a wet sponge , this spreads the solder across the tip and is called tinning
tinning is very important your to the irons tip, it makes it much easier to use
keep the iron clean like any burnt on wires remove it by dragging across with a wet sponge
copper steel wool in dollar stores if the sponge cannot remove it

so usually i solder with the side of the irons tip
strip and tin each wire end
tin every pots contact you plan to use
solder to the backs of the pots flat , not like car antennas
electric tape or heat shrink really come in handy, heat shrink is much more professional
and my biggest tip use a template like the one below

things not to do
dont use the wrong solder type , the cheaper irons tend to be 60/40 lead , if it is , stick to it, if you use the wrong lead you damage the soldering irons tip early.

dont solder like antennas

dont over heat the pots

so here's a template and how i usually prepare pickup wires before i solder, this cuts down on time and you can do the most difficult wirings ever, yep i used a koolaid box. how to tin wires properly and all is very important that is below. I do custom wirings as a hobby on ebay but I don't like to promote it here and make a buck or two, i'd rather answer questions and help people as best as I can.

how i usually prepare a pickup, this is a dimarzio color code and i did a terrible job applying heat shrink but still it gives you an idea.

technically this is to extend a pickups wire but.. same idea , anyways good luck on your wiring, with the invader i know just the tone knob to try that is actually useful but the parts to get you got to go the extra mile. If it's too bright in sound or loud try pure nickle strings by GHS, Fender or Dunlop. There is lots of other useful stuff on my photobucket, I might start a deviantart or facebook album to organize it better but we'lll see. Better the personal touch right?
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