So I am having issues with getting a good triplet sound with my practice. When practicing 3 note per string scales and I start getting up around 100 bpm, my notes start to sound less triplet sounding. Like all 3 notes are of equal distance in time between the metronome beat. but when I listen to songs like Colorado Bulldog, the 3 note per string beginning or even the run before the 1st verse sounds very triplet sounding and when I do it, it does not have that same sound. Does that make sense? Has anyone experienced this? Any ideas on how to get the triplet sound in the run more like Paul Gilbert.
Try getting a tablature program like guitar pro, you can download a free demo, and make a triplet track that you want to practice and put it on repeat. that should help you get the 'feeling' of what triplets sound like. Make a drum track with it to act as a metronome.

I think I know what you mean though where triplets blend the line between a 3/4 signature of 8th notes. You can try accenting the note (like this... BA-da-da BA-da-da... if that makes sense).
If they're ending up with less of a triplet sound and more of an 8th-8th-quarter kind of sound, it probably has to to with how smoothly you're moving to the next string. Not from a pick-hand perspective though. More like how ready your first and second fingers on your fretting hand are to go to the next string. I know I tend to rush through the triplet to make sure I get all the notes in and then end up not having my fingers ready to get to the next string.