I'm working on a bare bones Tele build with one Humbucker in the bridge and that's it. One tone, one volume, the switch will be wired for various gain stages. I need some recommendations of pickups to put in the bridge spot. The band mostly does alternative rock and classic rock and our originals are all in the same vain, I play through an analog board and I go back and forth between Peavey and Fender Tube amps. Any advice will be taken and appreciated!
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Same vein. Not vain.

My recommendation is a Suhr Aldrich bridge pickup.
Do I only get one?
Railhammer pickups might be a good choice, i have the Hammer/chisel combo in a guitar and can't say enough good about them.
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Duncan JB JR sounds great in a tele, I had one put on a tele base plate so it would fit in the bridge and it sounded really nice
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Classic rock was done with humbuckers was mostly done with PAF's of some description. I would go with a slightly hot PAF wound between 8.3k and 9.5k with a long A5 magnet. Something like a Duncan 59 would be adequate but something like a BKP Black Dog would be a whole lot better. The Dimarzio makes a few PAF style pickups that would be OK too.
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I like the Duncan JB or Custom for a 1 pickup guitar. A tone knob comes in handy, though.
no need to go exotic unless you feel the need, -your audience can't tell one brand of pick-up from another. that said, imo, nearly any moderate output SD would fit the bill.
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