It's been working great for a long time. We had a week of nice dry weather and it was very cool temperature wise speaking. I had the heaters going a lot. Non-humid weather in Florida is unusual. Didn't seem to matter the guitar was working wonderfully as it had been. Dry weather didn't seem to bother it.

We've had three days of rain and it's been very humid . No heaters going one extreme to the other. I have not played it for a few days. I go to pick it up , WAAAY out of tune. It was so bad I had to check to make sure didn't get banged it had not.

Now there's fret noise. I checked the relief it still seemed to be about the same about 10,000s. Still, I loosened the neck a little bit and raised the action at the bridge. Now, with it playing harder than it used to it still sounds worse than it did.

Most fret noise is on the lower strings, mostly on the first second third frets. It's discouraging. I think I will just hang it up and play the other guitars.

The made in Mexico Stratocaster is fine and the Carvin Stratocaster survived the weird weather intact.
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Take it to a good tech and have them get it sorted out.
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You're going to think I'm crazy. I went back and play the other guitars for a couple of days. Now I come back to my Gibson tonight. It's playing just like it was, perfectly... pretty low action no fret noise, can bend the string up a minor third at still rings clear.

In spite of the loosening the neck a little and raising the strings a little it's like it was before I did that.

The weather has changed. It's now cool again and I have the heat is going. My guitar likes dry heat. I recorded two songs with it tonight. I don't believe it myself.