Just signed up here. I'm from Belgium and playing my guitars for over 10 years now.
Used to be in a band but work got in between. Currently thinking of starting a new one again

I own a Fender Stratocaster Deluxe and a Gibson Les Paul Custom. Since i'm playing a lot more from ACDC, Black Sabbath and more i'm thinking about getting myself an Gibson SG. The upper fret access seem far superior to me then my other guitars.

I wa thinking about buying the new Gibson SG Standard HP 2016. But i have heard and read that the Gibson guitars are no longer of the quality they used to be. Is this also true for the 2016 models?

Are there any good alternatives for the SG? I can afford up to 2000€ so i really want a high end/quality guitar to complete my set of guitars.

I'd say buy it, I'm a huge SG fan and own several Gibsons. They're new 2016 stuff looks great, and there are a lot of features of the High Performance SG that seem great. The strap peg being moved from the center-back to the upper horn is great and should totally alleviate the neck-dive issues a lot of SGs have, and if you're into the upper fret access, the High Performance SG has a carved heel that allows even more comfort and accessibility at the upper frets.

With Gibsons (and guitars in general, but maybe Gibsons especially), it's very important to play it before you buy it. The QA has fallen a bit in recent years if the masses are to be believed so you want to make sure you don't get a lemon.

Good luck!
Firstly, I've heard great things about Gibson's 2016 lineup. Gibson does get a lot of flack for their quality in recent years, but it's more of a quality control than quality in general. I think in most cases they are great, and once and awhile some duds get through. Just make sure you play it before you buy it.

Saying that, really make sure you play it before you buy it! SG's are a love/hate thing, some people find them too small and awkward to play, this might be the case for you considering you have a LP. I happen to find the SG the most comfortable body to play, its light weight and amazing fret access make it a dream to play when standing up, you can really go wild on them. The HP additions only make this more true.

I think you should go for it. SG's have a sound of their own, play beautifully, they're absolutely gorgeous. Just make sure to play it and buy it in person, so you don't get one of those infamous Gibson duds. You could also consider getting a used one if you don't mind that. I'm pretty sure the 03-08 models are good years for SG.
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Are those robo tuners removable? I like the neck heels on the HP models and all, but I cant stand those things.
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