I have squire strat that I have upgraded pretty much everything on. Now I have been experimenting with tone through pickup selection and wiring.

These are the mods I like best...but I can't seem to get them all wired up together...your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Love the TBX tone control in place of the stock tone control. This definitely works in my combo setup, but since I'm trying to modify the tone of all pickups, I get weird combinations of pickups.

2. For some reason I tried the treble bleed circuit and it made very noticeable tonal changes to the guitar...I really like it...but I would like to be able to bypass it and make it non-volume responsive (full-on, or full off)...unfortunately I can't seem to get this to work using a pot with a push/pull control.

3. The coil split...I have it wired to an on-off toggle...it is working now.

4. Add a Bridge/neck combo, and an all 3 pups selection somehow. (Haven't even tried)

I should add that with this wiring diagram below...the Volume knob no longer works...the volume always remains at 10 no matter the knob setting.

I created the diagram below based on what is currently wired in my guitar.

Could I ask some gent with more knowledge than myself check my diagram and offer some insight. I would be greatly appreciative of your time.


I'll start off easy
4 - for the bridge/neck combo - use the 7 way mod , photos are below how to do it

for the TBX I'll show you how I'd wire it as well to affect all 7 pickup positions

as for the treble bleed I remember when I was really new to wiring I did a few treble bleeds and I forgot to add a zero in the ebay search and bought the wrong capacitors, long story short i get the components and try to turn to 0 and it won't. So the component values may be the issue.

by full on/full off volume control, would it be best to have a killswitch like the shadow pot or to stick to the peak resistance (maximum resistance) of the pot.

i'll have the photobucket photos up soon though they are doing maintenance
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The treble bleed did work when I wired it to the input and sweeper on the volume pot directly.

To clarify I want the treble bleed to be a full on/off (or on a pot) not the volume


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oh, alright do you know which kind of treble bleed you're using? I swear by the kinman treble bleed, some other forums said it was the best but the way you did yours it should work as an on/off option with the push pull when you pull up.

the kinman one is on google images but lets see what others have to say
I got it from Stew-Mac...it is a Duncan bleed.

I liked it because it gave me a really strong mid punch...very throaty...but I want it in combination with the non-bleed tone too.