So the forum has felt a little sluggish lately so here's everyone's (read: my) favourite thread. Unreasonably expensive gear that I will probably never earn because of life probably.

So let's mix it up slightly, you have criteria to fill.

1. Cheapo bass: Any bass guitar under $400. You can post extra cheap shit with upgrades so long as it fit in the budget.

2. New-mortgage bass: Any bass over $2000. Custom order / custom shop basses allowed, ludicrous levels of detail encouraged.

3. Three effects pedals: Any price; pedalboards and power supplies not included; pedals you already own not included. This will be your setup for studio AND live.

4. Your ideal amp rig: You have to carry it and you now drive a Mini Cooper with no roof rack. No biamping, no micing or DIing.

Pictures encouraged, retail prices as guidelines (not RRP) and no second hand.

Have fun!
Obviously going to be substituting $ for £.

1) Easy. Squier VM Jazz Bass. £269 and fit a ToneStyler Bass Eleven at around £80.

2) Easy. Warwick Infinity Masterbuilt 5 string. Olive top, AAAAA flamed maple back, purpleheart neck with maple stringers, AAAAA flamed maple fingerboard, AAAAA flamed maple headstock. All satin finish because screw gloss. Jazzman pickup configuration with Nordstrand NJ5s and MM5.2 pickups. Piezo bridge. Electronics will be the new Warwick ones, 3 band, because I like the idea of charging my bass via USB. Gold hardware except for truss rod cover and tuner heads, which will be maple.

3) Red Witch Famulus, Digitech Bass Whammy, Darkglass B7K Ultra.

4) Phil Jones Bass Compact Suitcase and a C4 extension cab. Mini Coopers are shit, over wise I'd have gone full Hellborg on your ass with this.
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1. I actually agree with Delirium here, Squier VM jazz bass it is.

2. Okay, this is a bit trickier. If I had that money, I would probably simply order a custom jazz bass. Ebony fretboard on a white body and a black pickguard, a Lundgren J-bass pickup. 4 strings, I rarely use the absolute highest frets so I'm not too picky about those. Standard scale length. Simple and beautiful. If I could play fretless, it would probably be fretless.

3. Fuzzrocious Demon, an octaver/harmonizer (the TWA Great Divide seems like a great pedal, but there's awfully little information floating around about that pedal), and a simple EQ pedal.

4. If you're serious about the mini cooper, I'd have to go with a classic SS head like a vintage Acoustic brand amp. Throw a nice single-speaker cabinet in there as well, should hopefully fit the passenger seat.
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1. 2nd hand Fender JB Fretless
2. 1st hand Fender JB Fretless
3. (No effects, but perhaps - Morley Power Fuzz Wah, Electroharmonix Fuzz, Boss Overdrive)
4. Acoustic 360

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How are you fitting that 360 in a Mini Cooper?

Okay, time for me to weigh in.

1. Easy peasy. Epiphone Thunderbird with a set of Lollar Thunderbird pickups to bring it up to budget and make it sound bitching. Free mods by myself: brass plate under the shitty 3-point bridge, strap button switch and lower cutaway for fret access.


2. Choice overload. A high-end custom Precision bass. Stacked single coil precision bass, Badass Bass Bridge II, 50's spec neck profile with maple board and black dot inlays. Passive electronics with a Tonestyler and a tap for the stack. As for make, body and colour? Fuck. Carvin, Fender, Warwick (CV), Sandberg, Nash, etc. I'd be chuffed with any of those.


3. EBS Multicomp -> MXR Bass Blowtorch (or El Grande) -> [some old guitar distortion with a clean blend].

That's pretty much my pedal setup at the moment except that the compressor has to come last through my laptop(boo), fuzz is a perfect Woolly Mammoth clone I bought for £20 and the guitar pedal is a Danelectro Wasabi distortion. Literally my favourite pedal I've ever owned (I've had a lot) and it cost me a tenner.

4. Ampwise. I've scuppered myself here as I'd probably go with an Acoustic 360 too or a mic'd up B15 reissue. I think I'd probably go with a Barabass combo.

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1. A blemished VM Jazz 77 for $240 and swap guts to Audere for $150.

2. Something nice from FBB. Those are my initials.

3. Ampeg SCR-DI, Ovni-FX Smoothie compressor, Pitchblack tuner

4. I have no idea of the space capacity of a Mini. I'd say 2 2x12s and an MB Fusion 800.
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1. Fender VM P/J in Arctic Blue. (This one is easy since I just bought one...)

2. There is a prototype 5 String Urge II out on Ebay right now for over 6K USD..

3. Given what I already have, a Digitech Whammy and a Moog Moogerfooger MF-103

4. I'm going to have to go with Ben on this one. Phil Jones Bass Compact Suitcase and a C4 extension cab. (Though I can fit my current rig in the back of a Sentra, which is about the same amount of room).
thread is worthless without pics :P
The no second hand messes me up, there are so many vintage basses I want.

1. Squier CV 50's Precision

2. This is tricky, but right now I'd say a Mike Lull NRT5, 34" scale but built with a Modulus VJ neck with a gloss finish on the back. A Darkglass Tone Capsule and a Neutrik Locking Jack. Chrome hardware with Hipshot Ultra Lites. And either Pelham Blue or Burgundy Mist Metallic. Idk about the pickguard, maybe aged white or something.

3. EBS ValveDrive, Source Audio Manta Bass Filter, Red Witch Zeus

4. Aguilar DB 751 into however many DB112's I can fit in said Mini Cooper. All in Chocolate Thunder tolex of course.
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1. Ibanez ATK 200

2. Status Stealth 4 string (wrong pic, same model but I want a 4 string).

Ehx 22500 looper

EBS Valvedrive

EHX Black finger Comp

Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout 112

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Aaaaaaaaaaaand time to revive by saying, I will try my best to go for bass this next time I get a guitar heh I wanna play all these different parts that I can't do just on lead or acoustic :3
So here's my new GAS plan. Sod spending £300 on a new bass, I'm going to get one of these for £75:

Take a hacksaw to the headstock, get a white pickguard and some ashtrays and viola:

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I had a beard, mustache and long hair for a while, and women would say, "You have such nice eyes."

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1, Ibanez BTB406 $395. Will have action work after it is stripped and made trans blue and probably Barts put in it.

2. Status 6 String Headless, 35" Scale, All the LEDs, and a Custom Body Shape by someone unnamed at this time. Basswood base and Quilted Maple Top. Blue. Entwistle Buzzard style Electronics.

3. That Black Finger looks nice, and a Source Audio Distortion and an SA Envelope Filter.

4. Bose L2.
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