Is there a program or app that we can upload sheet music to change it to tabs? I am trying to help my niece learn a part for Jazz Band audition and its in sheet music, she is STARTING to learn to read but isn't quite there yet. Anyone have any ideas? thanks!!!!
All I can say is this: if you can figure out what notes are played on sheet music (A or F, for example), you can pretty much do tabs. Just forego the notes and rests and instead replace them with numbers telling which fret and which string to play.


^I just googled "programs to convert sheet music to tab" and that conversation popped up.

Basically, the main reason there are no apps or programs to effectively or accurately alternate the two is different methods of doing the two. Sheet music tells exactly what notes to play, but not on which fret or even which string of which fret, for the most part. Tabs, on the other hand, do do this, but lack timing and much musical fortification in terms of music theory and such. Both have their ups and downs, both are useful.

I apologize if this is a long post or if it doesn't help you any, but that's about as much as I can fully answer on my own. Perhaps others can help.