I just put a pair of Seth Lovers into my Vantage, and they sound fantastic. The only problem is that I don't have anything to put the old pickups in. I need to get rid of a PRS Santana treble pickup with zebra bobbins, and a StewMac Golden Age PAF in black. Is this the sort of thing that UG is into?

edit: To clarify, I'm giving these pickups away. I'll mail them anywhere, but overseas shipping may take awhile.
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I'd gladly take them, but honestly I don't see why you don't sell them or hold on to them. I'm sure they're better than the duncan designed pups I have now, but seeing as I play through a POD exclusively right now I kind of doubt how much difference they could make in my rig.
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I just don't want to bother with listing them. If you want one, you're welcome to it. I figured I'd give a couple of people a chance to try some different pickups for free.
If they're still available, I'd gladly take one or both. I've been thinking about trying some different pickups in an old Les Paul copy I have lying around.
PM sent, my friend

Edit: and I know some pals over at GGnA have done stuff like this before so if they aren't a huge change to my sound I'll pay them forward to some other willing souls over at GGnA and hopefully they'll keep the train rolling.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
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And I'm all out of pickups. I might see what else I have lying around here, but I'm logging off for now. Thanks.
I am happy you like the Seths. They are pretty amazing pickups.
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that's a very nice thing to do
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The folks at AGF (aguitarforum, formerly agileguitarforum) have been pretty good about "paying it forward" as well. I tried to give away a set of Invaders here a while back, but international shipping was horrendous (something like $45 to get a set of pickups from LA to Slovakia or Serbia). One guy offered me his sister (she was attractive and, I believe, suggested it), but that would have been WAY more expensive in the long run.
Another forum I'm involved with (Corvette Forum) has an annual Holiday Tree. People post what they have to give away ("put under the tree") and another person can ask for them. The only requirement is that the requester is also expected to put something under the tree for someone else.

In that group, it worked really, really well and I got some very useful items that were surplus to other people but much needed by me. I suspect I'm not the only one with a drawer full of stock pickups, hardware, etc. that's still fine, but just taking up space.