I have auralia 4and earmaster 6. Auralia 4 doesn't seem to recognize my sound card internally and only wants to use a analogue microphone input. But more importantly, Is there an ear training software that is aimed at guitar, where the exercises and examples for aural dictation are guitar licks and guitar music, instead of piano?
Uhh, ear training is ear training. You're missing the point if you think you need to do it for specific instruments.
How about listening music and learning the songs and licks by ear?

Now seriously, that's the only way to learn to move the things you hear in your head to the guitar fretboard. If you don't believe me and start doing that, you will never be the guitarist/musician you want to be and that's the truth! Train your ear every day and every time you pick up your guitar.

Even without your guitar you can do exercises in your mind. Just imagine or listen some melody and think how you would play it with guitar. Also think of some stuff you've already learned and play it in your head and imagine the fretboard, even move your fingers as you're "playing".

Have fun
I've searched for the same thing for a long time, but I've never found anything that's a viable option to Earmaster. I only have a previous version of Earmaster, but I've heard you can change the instrument in Earmaster 6 so the exercices is played on guitar instead of piano, is that correct? If so I believe that's as close you can get at the moment, unless there's a totally unknown software I haven't found, because believe me I have searched alot I think Earmaster is awesome so if that's true I would be satisfied atleast, it's just I can't afford to buy it at the moment.
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As the guys have said, you don't want to be training your ear specifically for guitar. Ear Training is simply training your ear to be able to hear intervals, chords, melodies etc on any instrument, it's a musicianship skill, not a guitar skill.

If you really want to train your ears, the absolute best app out there at the moment, in my opinion, is EarBeater on the apple app store. I've not come across anything better yet. If you can use this app for ten minutes a day, you'll notice a HUGE difference.

Can't recommend it enough!

Another great way to train your ears is simple transcribing music. Choose a piece of music, and transcribe a melody FROM A DIFFERENT INSTRUMENT, onto your guitar. Saxophone is an awesome instrument to transcribe to guitar, but you may want to start with vocal melodies to begin with.

Good luck!!