Opportunity for one or more talented individuals.
Male or Female - or both!
I am a retired professional whose lifestyle is hightly introspective, about to relocate to the uSA early to mid summer 2016.

My retirement goals include:
1 - learning to play guitar, keyboard and sing (properly).
2 - creating a guitar museum
3 - creating a musical performance center for undiscovered talent

Tutors will proficiently emulate Knopfler, Ford, L.Mack, Atkins and others, with a view to teach blues, jazz, flamenco and pop genres.

Married or single, youthful or mature! Principal charastic is that you are awake and conscious, having mastered a modicum of reverence.

Appropriate candidate(s) will be provided private residence, have access to SOA studio, and depending on personality, professionalism and consciousness, may be offered performing opportunities.

Voice trainer / coach will be accomplished tutor

Keyboard / piano tutor will have infinite patience as must each of the mentors.

Luthier will be required to establish, manage and maintain a private guitar museum as well as maintain a collection of high-end instruments.

Successful applicants will be selected from respondents that prepare appropriate demos, video presentation of skills and personal character and deportment.

Shredders, hard-rock, smokers and substance users don't bother replying. You won't pass security checks.

Reply only to this forum with letters of interest.