I never had in mind to join a guitar forum today but I see to be only beneficial to me.
Guitar has led me on quite the journey and only recently did it become more than an instrument. I'm at a point where all I want to do is play guitar but the monetary system we live under keeps me shakeled to the provisions it demands of me. While I search for the keys to the jail I born into, I hope to only learn and get feedback on my playing.
I suffer from the same addiction.

The desire I had all my life, the think I thought about everyday, was to make a living playing music.

I've worked for 15 years in a job not related to music and now I believe it's time so I'm starting my own guitar teaching business.

You may like to check the Tom Hess programs. I'm doing the Music Career's Mentoring Program and it's working. I'm putting a lot of time but things started happening - at last.

If your dream is to make a living out of music - go for it, it's possible. Lock yourself and make yourself a good musician and when you're confident enough come out.

Oh, and join a band, no matter how small. You start getting experience.
I just started playing guitar...20 years at this job and I lied to my boss for the first time. Told him I was sick, you know what I wanted to go home for, sure as shoot wasn't sick. I just realized how sore my finger tips are....cant.......type any...........