No problem at all. And unfortunately, can't change my username to what I wanted it to be because by then, there was a bit of a username limit, so couldn't fix if I wanted to ^^ But I think it adds character, no?
CherokeeShredder lol when I first started on the site as just a coverer and not a tabber, over 7 years ago now...2 and a half of the last as a tabber
oh lol you missed it by one letter

i remember getting my very first guitar for my birthday, back in 2002. i used to come here a lot to try and learn easy songs, but many of the easy songs had incomplete or just crappy tabs lol. then i think 3 or 4 years later i started tabbing. it's still fun, cuz i like the details in songs
My first was in 8th grade, so...2009-ish or so. Nah, wait. Late 2008 heheheheh

I seem to be coming up with actual new song ideas now more and more since I did my first piece ever of my own

Oh that's pretty cool, sometimes I come up with some riffs/melodies of my own, but I never really turn them into something complete, I always get stuck and move on to something else.

Have you uploaded your music?
I have audio for my first original piece, since it was the first time I actually played my song well. Doesn't fit much with the tab I have for the song, but that was done on purpose to prevent carbon-copying how I play xD