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but not that bad just my nose is a bit runny and my throat is sore and gross but i am okay. i went to the store and picked up some honey in that little bear container so i should be good. has to be in the bear container or it will not work. now i am at work and i sanitized all the door knobs and the com-pew-tur station. my boss was sick earlier in the week so i think she forgot to wash her hands once and now i am sick. also a chap i work with at the church is sick too so i think were are on the verge of a zombie alpaca-lips.

if you are sick too hmu
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i'm not sick but I've had a runny nose and sore throat since winter started huu
im sick in the head

I have also got a slight cold which I think I got from my little brother
I'm not sick, but I'm tired. I guess that's kind of like being sick.
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I'm sick in the brains.

Blode is just (((((((((sic)))))))))

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yes every night of my entire life i go to bed crying because i wasnt born american
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theres something going round at the moment everyone has it. i have mostly recovered but my tonsils are still fucked.

I wish I knew you better so I could judge if this was applicable for a rude joke.
update: when i went to go get honey i also got some wintergreen altoids my favorite and i am eating some and they taste really strong but not really strong at all because my taste is shot but oddly strong still.

also this lady came into the store asking about fixing a gear for a machine head and she reeked of cigarette smoke and my noise started running like a faucet and i am still trying to recover from it i feel like poo.
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theres something going round at the moment everyone has it. i have mostly recovered but my tonsils are still fucked.

I had a nasty bug I got in London. Wasn't fun. There's definitely something going around.

I'm currently very hungover. Hungover is a kind of sick...
I've never puked from being sick

the only times I puke now is followed by blackout

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update: i feel a bit better i still have a bit of phil-gem in my throat and some stuff in my nose but i think by this time tomorrow and early wednesday i will be back up to normal speed. i have not taken any meds since this morning so i think i am doing pretty good.
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i think i have food poisoning
that is rough. i would rather have a bad cold then to have any sort of barfing going on. the worst is like when you know you are about to blow but you just have not yet and you are just chilling at the toilet waiting and you know you'll start to feel better after but you just have not thrown up yet.

i get hellish migraines once every year.5 or so and i am incapacitated for half a day.