Cool man, I make similar orchestra stuff (check out my personal website or youtube channel for those if you want in my sig).

I am interested in what you use for everything... I would love to get some of those voices you use around 1:00. I really like those huge rumbling drums too.

The song builds up really nicely. I feel a viking battle is about to begin, they are marching up to the castle and about to unleash hell. I was hoping for more voices to progress along with the rest of the song.

I love simple progressions that build up and get more complex as you did with this song. I like all the layers you put with it. Good stuff.

So yea man this is probably THE BEST song I have heard on this forum since I've been coming here the past few months. I wonder if you just write purely as a hobby or do you try to commission work? I ask because I have only done 2 commissioned works and it's difficult to keep finding work so I wonder if you have any better luck or know any good sites to go to.

Well anyway like I said I make orchestra stuff too but that's a separate project than what I'm working on now which is an epic metal album ... or two. So here's one of the songs I recently finished up and would like your input as well: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1695461

Once again really good stuff.

I do music purely as a hobby,so can't help you with that,sorry :/ I'm a guitar player but I've always wanted to do some orchestral stuff and I recently got the tools for it so now I'm trying to learn a bit of orchestrating in order to make some of my own stuff.

Here's a list of what I used:
For the voices: Best Service Shevannai
Choirs: Soundiron-Olympus Elements
Percussion: Soundiron Apocalypse Elements and East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver
Orchestra: East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver and Miroslav Philharmonik

All of these libraries are fairly inexpensive,Soundiron stuff is 100 dollars each and they run on Kontakt Player. Symphonic Orchestra Silver is currently 97 dollars and E&W has always something on sale so It's wise to check their site regularly. Shevannai is 160 dollars but easily worth the money. Planning to buy Spitfire's Albion One once I have some money and use it as my go-to orchestral library.

Listened to your stuff,very nice! More thoughts behind the link you gave me!