hello, are SG necks easily pushed forward when playing?

I have a g400 epi 1966 cheapy. it seems like you have to play them lightly
or you kinda get a tremolo effect pushing them out of tune.

are the expensive SG Gibson's the same way or is it just cheap models?

thx for any reply's
I've been playing an SG for years and never had this problem. Is the guitar well set-up? Do you have any soundclips/videos of it? Tremolo wouldn't be out of tune, by the way, I'd think you mean chorus.
No he means like whammy bar tremolo. Ya know those stories of guitarists breaking Les Paul necks off cuz they bend them? Yeah that's what he's talking about.

To the TS, all guitars will do that but I had a G400 and mine wasn't that bad unless you deliberately did it
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Oh, in that sense, right. I was thinking of amplitude when I heard tremolo.

What's being described isn't normal though. I've never had it happen on any guitar if it wasn't on purpose.
While SGs have among the least stable necks around, I would've thought pitch shifts would be caused sooner by light strings/fretting too hard than the neck moving.
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its what your all talking about but it seems when I'm playing around the first 5 frets
its easy to push the neck forward like when they grab the headstock and pull forward. it takes force but not as much as you would think it would take to move a neck.

this is the first EPI/Gibson guitar I have ever owned so I didn't know if it was common

thx to all of your comments
I'm thinking bad set-up and/or bad technique also, to be honest. I don't know how hard you press down on the strings, but it shouldn't take force. If it does take force to press them down, your guitar probably needs to be set up properly.
I'd say it's the setup. I know when I get poorly set up guitars, I can bend the note up about a half step pressing down on it for the first few frets
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I have a freshly purchased Epi G400 SG. Two weeks in and I'm having no factory issues with the neck to speak of. It did need a little set up work but very little (action adjustment). I'm actually pretty happy with the guitar as a whole...considering it being a "cheapy" and all.
Pretty easy to push my 1967 Gibson SG neck out of tune. It's a feature not a bug and requires a skilled player to master it.
Uh huh. Suuuuuuuuuure, Cajun :P Kidding heh. But yeah, I second a lot of what was being said: setup and the fact that all guitars will eventually come across that problem

I've got one of those Antonio Tsai SG copies. You don't even have to touch the neck to get that effect. That's an extreme case, but I think it usually just depends on the neck profile and what kind of wood is used. You won't get any movement out of a good maple neck, but mahogany can bend pretty easily if it's used with a really thin neck profile.
My SG is very different than My Strat or Tele. Those Fenders have a neck that is fixed and un-bendable. My SG can be made to sound like a lap steel or Hawaiian guitar without much effort. The neck is very flexible. Different tools for different jobs.
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Pretty easy to push my 1967 Gibson SG neck out of tune. It's a feature not a bug and requires a skilled player to master it.

That's sorta true. And it's always seemed to me that SGs were the best place to start...
My SG does exactly as described... probably doesn't help that there is a huge crack in the neck though -_-
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You should get a crack fixed as soon as possible, though.

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It's pretty apparent WHY the SG neck is so flexible. It attaches near what, the 19th fret? And because the body is so thin, there's not a lot of support. An LP neck attaches at the 16th fret and has a thicker body to go with it. Strats have all that neck pocket, etc.