Sounds to have a bit of a Bob Dylan flair to it. Fingerpicking is nice. Not my forte, but it's nice. Vocals are decent, though, like mine usually, could be worked on more Acoustic always has a nice spot for me because it was what I started out with, so kudos on that. Overall, a good job with minor tweaks needed, but still good.
agree with the bob dylan flair. There's a nice balance between the vocals and the guitars. Recording quality is solid. My biggest piece of advice is probably to take "Still not a great vocalist ha but here it is." out of the description of the song. People are judgmental enough on their own, no need to give them a reason to start looking for negatives before they even start listening to your track. On the song itself, I personally always find it a little jarring when there's vocals starting on the very first beat. It sounds like you put some time into your lyrics so you don't want someone to miss the very first line because they're not settled into the song yet. Just my 2 cents, otherwise, I enjoyed listening to your song

c4c link here - looking forward to getting your feedback on my music as well
From what I can tell, jmako, you put quite a bit of time, effort, and work into your pieces as well. I commend you both for continuing to do what you, from my observations, love to try and do.

On the plus side, Bob Dylan! A win, to me