That Motley Crue intro xD Very first thing I noticed. You yourself admitted it was just putting ideas together, and on a medley aspect, it's got it. "Shred on!" could be the slogan for this :P

The dissonance with rhythm and lead sort of got me rethinking on how it could be, but since it's your piece and yours only, I cannot shit on it It's a decent job. Hell, I'd probably do worse on any future first recordings xD
Well, I'm not gonna totally shit on this. Learn to use a metronome and practise this track thoroughly and rerecord this with a metronome.
"All of that changed when the music and fire nation teamed up and totally, like, annihilated everyone and stuff" as my friend used to say. Not valid for the convo at all, but still made me chuckle
really like the harmonized sections also really liked the panning.