I bought a Rickenbacker where a pickup has not been installed properly, there is no wood under the pickup's screw hole so there is nothing to screw down the pickup. The pickup is almost leaning against the strings, and any note above the 10th fret caused the string to hit the pickup. The seller won't acknowledge the issue even though it was sold as fully working and chose to be rude instead, then he ignored me altogether so I need to work out how to fix this.

As you can see, there is a small column of dark brown wood there but the pickup adjustment screw just misses it. The last photo shows the other side which screws in fine although it's not the prettiest work by the seller.... Would it be wise to just move this small stick of wood and glue it under the screw hole? Or do I need a bigger chunk of wood? And what glue should I use?

Many thanks in advance!
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