Suggest me some good songs to learn Major7th, Minor7th and Dominant 7th Chord ..
Here's a classic example of maj7s:

and another:

Notice the mood they create (or rather are used to underline): nostalgia, bittersweet reflection.

They're rare in rock, but listen out for one used at just the right moment in this song - after the lyric "lonely as I am, together we cry", at 0:51:

Examples of the other chord types are really too numerous. They're used everywhere.

I guess this is a good example of a song using nothing but dom7-type chords, even mixing them up from different keys:

For min7s, there's the solo section of the Doors' "Light My Fire", which is alternating Abm7 and Bbm7 chords.

OTOH, why not just play a few chords of those types and listen to them yourself. Eg. the classic jazz ii-V-I sequence contains all three, such as:

Try it in various keys, and listen to the effect of each chord. The first two have a kind of tension (mild tension in the iim7, a little stronger in the V7), resolving into the Imaj7, on which the 7th is a flavour or colour, rather than a tension which leads you somewhere else.

But as the above tracks show, min7s and dom7s don't actually have to lead anywhere - that's just their classic "functional" usage (in classical music, vintage jazz and pop). In jazz, rock and blues, they're commonly used as vamps or grooves.
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Well any ii V I will have all three of those qualities.

For dominant 7, just about any blues song is built on all dominant 7th chords.

Minor 7 chords are fairly common, but sound pretty different from regular minor triads. It's less dour than a minor triad, more mellow.

Some m7 examples:
Misterwives - Own House (Em7 D A)
Umphrey's McGee - In the K itchen (Em7 Bm7 Dm7 Am7)
Billy Joel - Piano Man (Opening chord is Am7)
Doobie Brothers - Long Train Running (Gm7 verse, Cm7 bridge)
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Cornell Dupree is a boss! Rainy Night In Georgia is one of the most underrated songs and one of the most underrated musicians I can think of, ever.

Anyways, a more contemporary song that features these chords, all of them, is "Like I'm Going To Lose You". I've taught it to several of my students.


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study some standards..they are built on four note chords...Maj Min and dom7...the song books of Cole Porter or Gershwin should give you many examples of how these chords are used in song structures..
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