Hi folks !

A friend give me is guitar . Cool electric Vantage Guitar - Sound by design

24 frets.

Only a number near the plate : 9100797

I dont see any other serial or made in or something else.

There's the pictures

Can someone tell me which model is it ?
Japan or Korea ???

Thanks everyone

And yeah the guitar play well

I think that's one of the Korean (Sammick) built models. Vantages don't seem to be very well documented, though, so I could be wrong.

This site has a list of all of the Matsumoku models:

And here's my FV575. Notice the fancy script "V" on the headstock and neckplate. I think they used that logo on everything until they got bought out by Sammick:

Very nice guitars, either way. I'm starting to think that Mongoose is correct on his notions. And yes, they're not well documented in those cases (to the best of my remembering)

I search all over google web , images and i don't find anything about the model of my vantage .

Model / Year
I think I found some information on dating them at least. It looks like mine is an '82, and yours is a '91. Yours could also be an '89 or a '99, though. If we knew the model #, we could use that to eliminate some of those dates. This page gives some info on the serial numbers:

I found it! Assuming these guys' info is correct, your guitar is a Vantage 111T. And that lines up with the '91 build date.

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These really are awesome value for the money guitars. So many of those brands that used to be dirt cheap like Burny, Bacchus, Greco and Tokai are selling for as much or more than new Gibsons now. It's nice to still be able to pick up something a little funky that plays and sounds great for a decent price. Mainly, though, I just like seeing weird old gems getting played out. It's much more interesting than everybody having a new standard Strat or Les Paul.
Which is exactly why I went for a weird Cruzer Electric first chance I could. It's not exactly like it's more expensive Gibson counterpart, which adds to its intrigue. Bacchus and Tokai, yeah, those are familiar and high-selling brands nowadays. Appreciation of value, perhaps?
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