Yeah, it sounds very demo-ish. The mix isn't very tight at all, and the guitars sound a bit unclear. You also have a lot of timing issues, I definitely recommend you record this stuff to a metronome and make sure the left/right takes match up.

So I think you could try taking out some muddy frequencies, and the mix will instantly become a lot better if you can make a bass and a drum track, even if you use free VST. I still wouldn't say that the guitar tones are that bad, I actually like the type of tones you've gone for, there's not too much gain and I like how it's more old school-esque.

The song itself has very nice riffs, and I think you played them, as well as the lead parts, pretty well. I wouldn't call it prog metal though - this reminds me of traditional metal, rather than progressive.

The biggest problem is the timing issue, without a doubt. I don't think that you had a single riff in there that wasn't out of sync. The lack of bass and drums is also a con, and you can always clear up the guitar tones a bit.

Pros - pretty cool and well performed guitar parts. It's tricky to make up an opinion based on only this though, but I think it has potential.
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It does garner potential quite well. To me, it's got an earlier Metal aspect to it. I remember that this was posted elsewhere, so I continue from where I left off. Good riffs, decent mix of lead and rhythm alternating, maybe a few brushing ups on tightening it all together more, but I can't complain much at all on it

Thanks. Ya, it was posted in a different thread, I was trying to figure out how to move it as this thread was more appropriate but wasn't smart enough so just re-posted