Hi, I've been playing for about a month, and I'm fiddling with my guitar position. I'm trying to figure out the best angle of the guitar with respect to my body. When I look at videos of instructors who hold the guitar in the normal position (in my case, on my right leg for right-handed strumming), they seem to hold the guitar almost parallel to their body. I have a high-volume dreadnaught, and it's quite a reach over the top of the guitar if I want to get my palm close to the strings, and it puts strain on my right shoulder. I find it much more comfortable if I angle the guitar neck forward, perhaps 30 degrees or so. That allows the guitar to neatly tuck under my arm, and there's no strain on my shoulder.

I'm guessing that the answer is going to be something along the lines of "do whatever works best for you", but as a beginner, I'd like to know what other people do, and what the trade-offs are, if any.

Whatever is comfortable and allows you to play whatever you want. I frequently change positions when I get tired of holding it a certain way and I've been playing for 10+ years.

Invest in a good strap and wear it even when sitting down, and it'll free you from having to constantly keep your guitar from falling on the floor. Also, the chair you're sitting in makes a huge difference, and arm rests frequently get in the way. Look for a comfortable chair without armrests, that has adjustable height so you can tailor it specifically for yourself. Really makes a difference. A stool is good, but recommend something with a back rest.
I originally posted the above question in the wrong section, and got some feedback from people.

To clarify, I'm not asking about right leg vs left. I tried the left leg position and didn't care for it. It felt like I was always turning my head to the left to see my fretting hand, and I didn't like that. I want to hold my guitar on my right leg, and it's a big guitar. I'm a tall skinny guy (6'3") with a 75" wingspan, so the reach shouldn't be an issue.

I'm really just asking about angling the guitar forward vs holding it sideways. If you have a large acoustic and hold it on the right leg, I'm curious if you angle the neck forward, or do you manage the reach with the guitar held sideways?
I usually, when sitting down, because it offers good stability and decency, either lay it directly on my lap and do it near horizontally or I tilt it at about a 30 degree angle on the leg with my strumming hand to help my note hand get better and better and faster. For the most part, yeah, just go with comfort.
I mostly hold the guitar about horizontal on my right knee, but I think the classical left-knee position with foot rest is far better ergonomically, since it requires no support from the fretting hand. I used to use the classical position for slide early in gigs, to prevent my slide finger (pinkie) from cramping up.
I went back and looked at some more acoustic guitar players, and I think I underestimated how much some of them angle the guitar forward. Not down, as in dipping the neck, but forward with respect to their hips and shoulders. For example, in this video, it looks like Chet Atkins is doing what I'm saying is comfortable for me, pushing his left arm out in front of him, and letting the guitar ride back on his hip.